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Indian kitchen is an FSSAI certified company

Starting from a variety of amazing premium quality herbs, seasoning, whole and ground spices, seeds and berries, Our Company, Indian kitchen has over more than 100 products including fabulous range of categories of mouth fresheners, digestives and candies. With flavor and aroma as rich as our packaging, we promise to deliver you the best quality and full of taste products. Indian kitchen has maintained a highly efficient distributor-retailer-consumer distribution channel to make our products readily available in the shortest possible time across the country.

Our History

In a world where people crave for flavor enhanced food, We have been investing and inventing in how to improve the taste and aroma of even a simple home cooked meal. The answer turned out to be simple . just add bit of spices ,herbs and seasoning to bring flavors to even pale food. And in a world full of health conscious people, some healthy seeds & berries ,nuts and digestive never go wrong and does wonders to one’s body. That’s how Indian kitchen came up with the idea to help enhance people’s taste bud by delivering best quality and full of taste products to our customers .For those sweet and sour cravings of people, our candies and mouth fresheners work as a total mood saver. Our success lies in reaching the heart of India's culinary world with our herbs, seasoning, spices and many more.

Our Mission

We support ATMA NIRBHAR MISSION and promote make in India movement. Indian kitchen aims at delivering the best quality product by selecting the finest ingredients so that our customers enjoy every bit of our product. With our beautiful packaging , we try to make our product look as irresistible and rich as it looks from the inside. With the aroma and flavor so auspicious , we try to enhance the taste of your meal and bring a smile on your face everyday. We aim to expand our business all over India to make our products readily available to our customers
We are available Monday – Saturday from 10a.m. To 8 p.m. to help you out with any of your queries and doubts related to our products and orders.